Introducing A System That Transforms Slab Paving

For New Guide Rail Supports


A concept to enhance the appeal of traditional slab and flag paving

Provide a parallel grid of aluminium profiles to act as guide rails in laying slabs and to give edge support in service. Suitable for patios, paths, paving, balcony or outdoor flooring and or roof and sun terraces and
pavements, for DIY or professional use

Heavy duty rails are used for pavement-sized flags and where occasional vehicle over-run is expected.

Light duty rails are used for typical patio slab sizes

Makes smooth paving easy

Enhances appearance and safety


Saves accident costs

Reduces whole life costs


All you need to know about the system: its features and benefits; preparation of the foundation, setting the rails and laying the slabs; Technical guides and Cost Analysis Charts; even pictures of the system in use.

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Benefits and Pictures

Easy slab paving with an even surface

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