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Technical and Costs Analyses

Both types of rail are both extruded aluminium alloy 6063(T6) to BS1474, designed for use with slabs conforming to BS 7263. Hidden Edge is designed for heavy duty paving and Pave Easy for light use or the DIY user.

The concept and practical benefits are the same for both systems. Ease of construction and improved appearance are the primary benefits for installers and end users. Cost savings come from reduced installation time and lower skill levels being required. (No previous paving experience is likely to be needed) And from negligible on-going maintenance. Labour savings are especially high for sun terrace and roof terracing

The charts and graphs below outline comparative costs with and without for Public Situations rails.

We recommend the use of the smaller range of slabs with a maximum length/thickness ratio of 9, combined with Pave Easy rails for the optimum new and replacement paving. Rails should preferably run along the longer slab dimension.

Chart 1 Cost comparisons for various slab sizes and bedding types for NEW PAVING with the cost of rails added on top.

Chart 2 Cost comparisons for various slab sizes and bedding types for MAINTENANCE WORK with the cost of rails added on top.

.....shows cost comparisons for various MAINTENANCE options, assuming that a quoted percentage of the existing slabs become unserviceable and require replacement. The chart illustrates the figures for 30mm sand bedding.


Graph 1 Comparisons of averaged costs for 450 x 450mm slabs on mortar with and without buried rails.

.....shows typical cost comparisons for on-going costs with and without rails. In general, savings of 65% - 95% in accident, inspection and maintence costs using rails are not unrealistic, leading to a break even point as early as 5 years, after which savings are made year on year. As well as this early cost benefit, there are the environmental benefits of uniform and safer paving.


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