Lay paving slabs - The perfect way to lay patio slabs

" Comprises purpose-made aluminium guide rails that aid construction and remain in place under the finished paving helping to support each slab. The rails may be held in position during installation by a temporary adjustable width-setting device. This new rail system offers a near foolproof levelling procedure for fast and accurate laying of paving slabs. It cuts installation time, enhances finished appearance of the slabs and improves long-term stability. DIY patio laying made simple. Take the effort out of building a patio using Pave-easy rails - the new paving slab rail system that simplifies installation and gives a professional finish that lasts. Why pay a builder when Pave-easy makes it so simple? Now you can get a professional-looking patio at DIY prices.

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A unique patented system for quick and easy slab paving with an even surface

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